A Shoot For Love – Kathryn

Kathryn was my second shoot for love I absolutely loved showing her how amazing she is through my lens. Ill let her tell her Breast cancer journey.

2016 was when I first discovered a lump in my left breast.

I said to my partner Colin I think I have a lump in my boob, have you ever felt that before? He said he hadn’t and I should get it checked. I had an ultrasound done and was told it was just 3 small cysts joined together. I left the hospital with two voices in my head one telling me things were not right and the other telling me that I didn’t know, so stop being a drama queen and stop worrying.

6 months later the breast screen bus was in town so I booked in to get my boobs squished and was again told that there was no abnormality detected. We are told that mammography is the best form of detection and I was in the clear.
A couple of months later I saw a new GP and got him to have a look and feel of my boob. He advised me to go and have another ultrasound done.
Not wanting to be a hypochondriac I tucked his referral away in my handbag and got on with life.

It would be another 4 months before I decided to go and get another check done after showing my sister and friends my boob who all said “that’s not normal go and get it looked at again.” I went and had another ultrasound done and the guy that did it was not long out of training and was very thorough. He told me he was not happy to say that it was three cysts joined together and he would get the doctor to have a look at it.

When the doctor came and had a look he said because my breast had changed shape and it appeared to be tethering that I needed to have a core biopsy of the lump in my breast and a fine needle aspiration done of my lymph nodes to confirm a diagnosis. This was done at the Burnie hospital and I remember after it was done one of the nurses gave me a card for the McGrath breast care nurse Tracy Beatty. For me that was an “oh shit” moment.

I was told the results will take a week however two days later when I was at work I got a phone call from my doctor she said “Kathy I need to see you now, you need to come and see me right now “ I think my words were “oh fuck oh fuck it’s bad”.
I called one of my Best friends and asked her to go to the doctors with me.
My doctor advised me that I had stage two invasive breast cancer she said I needed treatment straightaway.
And so began the rollercoaster ride of having Breast cancer.

I guess our first thoughts were okay let’s just do surgery, remove my boob and all will be well. Things weren’t that simple it seemed. My surgeon was concerned that it had spread to my lymph nodes and so a decision was made to do chemotherapy first and then surgery.

One of the hardest things was telling my 10-year-old son that I had breast cancer. I decided to make it a casual chat, so while standing at the sink doing dishes I asked Lincoln “what do you know about cancer buddy” he replied “not much just what he’d seen on television and that sometimes people die from it”. I explained to Lincoln that our bodies are made up of millions of different cells and with cancer sometimes some of them cells go rogue and do the wrong thing. I then went on to explain that I’ve been having some tests and they had come back positive for breast cancer.
To see the look of utter devastation, confusion and fearfulness on his little face broke my heart I quickly wrapped him in my arms and told him that I was going to be fine we would beat this thing. I told him that I would get sick from the chemo lose my hair and probably be grumpy to which he replied “you’re never grumpy mum” I said to him oh Linc now your fibbing!! I told him that I had a wig and asked him if he would like to try it on. He did and this lightened the shit load that I had just dumped on him.

I had 16 rounds of chemotherapy four lots of very heavy duty chemo every two weeks and then 12 rounds of weekly chemo. I made the decision to work whilst having chemo, I worked Monday Tuesday Wednesday was chemo day and back to work Thursday Friday.
My decision to work was based around not only my physical health but my mental health as well. My first round of chemo was on the 29th of March And my last dose on the 16th August. I had surgery to get Lumpy Lefty removed a day after my son’s birthday o the 13/09. 3 weeks later I was back at work.

Not all went smoothly after my surgery, I went on to develop severe cording or axcillary web syndrome down my left arm. The only way I can think to describe this is it is like having a cord down your arm with little hooks all the way down it and as you try to straighten your arm them hooks dig in. Very painful and extremely debilitating when you cannot lift or straighten your arm. I was to have my right breast removed prophylacticly and reconstruction done before the end of the year but as the cording was so bad is was decided that it was more important to regain the full use of my arm before and more surgery would take place.

Over time and with lots of physio the cording was resolved and I went back in for my next surgery on the 13th March 2018. It’s been a long and arduous road to travel at times, but along the way I’ve met some super special people.

In 2019 a good friend of mine Karen Flood saw a post on FB asking for nominations for a photo shoot to be done by the beautiful caring Tegan Murphy and she nominated me. I was over the moon to be able to have some nice post cancer diagnosis done. My hair had finally grown back and I was beginning to feel like me again. Tegan made me feel so at ease and so comfortable in my own skin again. Tegan is a beautiful beautiful soul and I
can’t thank her enough for the opportunity to have them photos taken and to be a part of this calendar it’s been truly amazing.

Kathryn breast cancer journey
shoot for love - breast cancer journey
tegan murphy boudoir photographer
silhouette boudoir

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A Shoot For Love – Shea

A shoot for love is a photo shoot I do for love to help someone thats been through a hard time feel great and help them to love themselves.

Claudia Smith Make Up Artisty and I donate our time to make amazing women feel great about them selves.

Shea’s Experience

In her words:

I loved the experience of having a photo shoot with Tegan. When I was first approached I was a little apprehensive and I really wasn’t happy with the way my new body looked. During treatment for breast cancer I lost all my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows everything. I gained over 10kg during treatment. Before the session I didn’t feel like I looked like me anymore, I felt lost every time I looked in the mirror. But with some gentle persuasion and kind words from my beautiful McGrath Breast Care Nurse (Tracey) I decided to say ‘yes’ and embrace the offer of Tegans generosity.

The day began with some papering from the gorgeous Claudia, working her magic and making me look glamourous. I also got to pick out a lovely outfit from Urban Wall, I liked it so much I decided to purchase it afterwards. My amazing supportive partner came with me for some moral support.

During the shoot, Tegan made me feel so comfortable. We had so many laughs and it felt very natural. I couldn’t wait to see the end result. It definitely gave my self confidence a big boost and I would recommend it to anybody. To have such lovely images to keep is really special. It made me realise seeing the lovely images that Tegan was able to capture that I need to embrace the new me. I felt very strong and beautiful and happy to be alive. Image 3 and 11 are my favourites, I really see ‘me’ in these images.

Thank you so much Tegan for making me feel so special.


Shea xx

I love my job

I seriously love my job having women in my studio and showing them how the look through someone elses eyes is so powerful! The shoot for love sessions are extra special. I love being able to make these special women laugh and help them forget about all they have been through even just for a moment.

Enjoy the absolutely stunning Shae’s shoot for love photos.

glamour portrait Tegan Murphy Photography
glamour portrait Tegan Murphy Photography
glamour portrait Tegan Murphy Photography

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Embrace My Body Experience – Michele

The story behind Michele’s embrace my body experience is a good one make sure you read on. She symbolises everything I am all about.

Michele sent me a message saying she was keen to have some boudoir shots taken that she had never done anything like this before. She quickly locked the booking in before she chickened out. She then told me it was not a gift for anyone, purely for herself. I loved that as I truly believe we need to do things just for our selves more often!

On the day

Michele organised her hair to be done by Cameron at Get Smart Hairdressing and make up by her friend Sarah then nervously came to my studio. Nerves are quiet normal almost all of my clients arrive super nervous for their sessions. As a result I have planned my sessions around easing the nerves and having laughs. Rather than clients walking in and getting straight in front of my camera. We start with having a chat and laying out all of the outfits and planning their sessions then Ease into the photos.

Camera time

First of all we started off with some beautiful portraits in the amazing outfit she turned up in as you will see she is very stylish. We then went on to a beautiful navy dress that she told me she loved but had never worn anywhere. To be honest I did think about stealing this amazing dress for my wardrobe but I stayed professional and resisted :-). The dress looked absolutely stunning on her. I told her she must wear it out somewhere it I looked far to amazing on her to be sitting in the wardrobe!

It was now time for her boudoir photos and as you can see she was starting to get more and more comfortable the longer we worked together. I absolutely love how happy Michele looks in these images and I am so glad she decided to have an embrace my body experience.

Embrace my body

Women are usually quiet quick to point out what they do not like about their bodies. I used to be one of these women I have always had trouble with the embrace my body concept. As a result of the work I do I am slowly retraining myself because no one really cares let alone notices the things we hate about our selves. I now believe life if far to short to waste it on worry about imperfections that no one else notices.

Most women I meet no matter what age, size, or fitness level have something they hate about their selves. I find it very sad so I am on a mission to show women how beautiful they are just the way they are.

Why Michele booked her embrace my body experience.

Michele’s response when I asked her why she booked her embrace my body experience:

It was a spur of the moment decision when I booked a photo session with Tegan. I don’t have that many photographs of myself and I tend to hide away when photos are being taken or make sure I’m taking the photos.

Some beautiful photographs appeared in my newsfeed, gorgeous smiling women and I thought why not!

Every woman has insecurities about the way they look, no matter who they are. As I get older I am embracing my body and am thankful that I am strong and heathy.

As a mother I want to be a positive role model for my daughters and for them to look after and care for their bodies. It is my greatest wish that my daughters understand that true beauty comes from inside and not to judge themselves against the ridiculous images that flood social media that are usually digitally altered and are unrealistic.

To my surprise I really enjoyed the session. Tegan made me feel very comfortable straight away, it was a relaxed atmosphere, talking and laughing. I almost forgot that I was in my underwear.

Thank you so much Tegan – I love my photographs !

On those days when I feel inadequate the photographs are a beautiful reminder – “I got this!” or “I can do this”


One very important thing I would like to finish with that Michele said.

“As a mother I want to be a positive role model for my daughters and for them to look after and care for their bodies. It is my greatest wish that my daughters understand that true beauty comes from inside and not to judge themselves against the ridiculous images that flood social media that are usually digitally altered and are unrealistic. “

We need to change this terrible body image problem for the young girls trying to grow up in a world where social media is a part of every day life. Sometimes its hard to define whats ‘real’ versus the ‘perfect social media post’.

Girls and young women have constant ‘perfect’ photos beaming into their worlds no wonder there are so many young girls and women with trying to cope with anxiety and mental health.

We must show them more photos of women embracing their ‘imperfect’ bodies. You are perfect the way you are society’s image needs to change. There is no need to loose xx amount of kilos, have perfect un-achievable skin, slave your butt off at the gym if you hate it do what you love and don’s waste some of the best years of your life trying to be someone else.

I can slowly see a change coming through the media with more everyday women in advertising and amazing people like Body Image Movement raising awareness and helping women to embrace their bodies.

Time for me to shut up and show you the stunning images from Michele’s embrace my body experience. xxxx

glamour portrait photo
glamour portrait photographer Tasmania

Boudoir photo
Boudoir photographer
Boudoir photographer Tasmania
Boudoir photo smile
Boudoir photographer Tasmania

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Glamour Portrait Session Melanie

Melanie was the lucky winner of a Glamour Portrait session. I was pretty excited as I actually know her from meeting through my other job as a medical receptionist and also through mutual friends.

She us an amazing woman who is super stylish, smart, a mother, wife and you can also have a good laugh with her (probably why we get along so well). She really is the whole package and is one of those people that is so easy to get along with.

Before her session

When she won her glamour portrait session Melanie told me she was dubious and not keen to be on the other side of the lens. For instance she was always taking pictures of her daughter and husband but rarely any of her self.

Looking at her I always thought she would be the absolute most confident person. Therefore i thought she would be someone that would be in photos quiet often but in her words :
I am confident about my appearance but not confident of my appearance in front of camera because it captures features I don’t like about myself.

As a photographer I hear this all to often especially from mum’s they are always taking photos of the kids and family. As a result are hardly ever existing in photos.

I find this so sad we really need to exist in photos. Exist in photos before its too late! Photos are a moment frozen in time that we can treasure forever.

Thats enough of my ranting for now back to Melanie.

I absolutely could not wait to get her into my studio and show her how I see her and how amazing she is.

Stepping into the studio

Melanie wanted some photos for her, her family and also some new work head shots.

When asked how she felt coming in for her Glamour portrait session her response was:

Within moments of stepping into studio I was excited and comfortable with Tegan. After taking a few shots and showing me how to pose I started to enjoy being photographed. Tegan showed me several pics on her camera and I believed something awesome was happening. The real me minus my double chins was showing through. Time for an outfit change and I was really enjoying my time with Tegan and her magical camera. We laughed and laughed and I wondered why I hadn’t done this before.

The hard thing for women to do is firstly book the session, then walk in through my studio doors. After that I find that the nerves don’t tend to last very long. Once we have a chat, lay out the outfits, plan the session and have a few laughs the nerves are usually eased.


Melanie said after seeing the results of our session she is happy now to have her photo taken and recently had started posting stuff of herself to social media.

She also said: Why didn’t we cross paths sooner Tegan? You are amazing at what you do and how you made me feel. Thank you

This is exactly why I love photographing glamour portrait sessions. They are so rewarding I love empowering women to embrace their bodies and love the skin they are in.

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Me my mission and my shoot

I thought it was about time I introduced myself again and explain my mission. What better time than now. Also I will be sharing images from my own glamour portrait session with the amazing Astrid Simone Photogrphy.


🙋‍♀️ Hi I’m Tegan I am a glamour portrait and boudoir photographer who lives in the amazing town of Penguin Tasmania 🐧. I am a wife and fur-mother to two of the cutest fur babies ever 🐶🐶(King Charles Cavaliers) Missy and Ruby. If you follow my Instagram you have probably seen pics of them 🙂

My studio is located in Penguin at my house. I absolutely love my ever evolving space. It is not quiet finished inside but to be honest I am not sure it ever will be. However I am forever changing my mind about how I want the walls finished (there are too many options). For instance do I paint them, line them with wood, rusty tin or put backdrops over them there are too many options. The space is very cozy and private one end is natural light and the other is where I use my studio lighting.

My mission

My mission when it comes to photographing women is to help them realise how gorgeous they are just the way they are.

Therefore I am very passionate about helping women to start embracing and loving the body they have, 💜💜💜 one woman at a time through my glamour portrait and/or boudoir sessions. I love showing women how the rest of the world sees them. Capturing amazing images that can be treasured forever.

We really are our own worst enemies and are very quick to say the things we hate about ourselves. Constantly we are comparing ourselves and our bodies to the ones in magazines, on tv etc. The reality is we all have different genes, height, weight, face shapes etc. We really need to change this terrible body image for the next generation of women.

A glamour portrait and or boudoir session with me

My glamour portrait and/or boudoir sessions are designed to celebrate my clients, their beauty, strength and most importantly their individuality. Each session is planned around what my clients want. Some choose just glamour portraits, or boudoir, or fitness or a bit of everything.

Seeing women get comfortable in front of the camera and leaving with a huge smile on their faces is the best feeling in the world. Alot of women leave and say it was so much better than they expected, that they had fun and some say its like a therapy session.

I am very passionate about helping women to embrace their bodies and showing them through my photography the beauty everyone else sees in them.

Life is way to short to worry about loosing xx amount of kilos and constantly looking in the mirror putting ourselves down and comparing our selves to others. We really all need to enjoy life, embrace your body, laugh more, exist in photos and just have more fun.

My shoot

I had been thinking about getting more photos done for a while so I thought it was about time I locked in a date. My last photos were done a few years ago (too long really my bad). So Astrid and I locked in a date to to some updated photos for each other.

Astrid and I are very much alike so we had many many many (probably to many) laughs. It was hard to get a nice photo of each other through all the laughter. There are so many outtakes from my shoot. I will share some below as they are to funny to just delete. Make sure you read the caption on the out-takes just a few things I learnt from looking through all my images.

Hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you a laugh Just remember :

Live life to the full you never know when your time is up!

Photo’s by @astridsimonephotography edited by me

So things I learnt for my next photoshoot.
Do not talk while having your photo taken, Do not close your eyes, Again shut up stop talking, Do not be a smart ass when having your photo taken or there with be photo evidence, Use soft hands not claw like hands (in my defense I do have very claw like big hands), Do not nap while having photo taken. Quality lessons learnt!
I really dont own any white clothes I had to borrow them from Astrid. This is me living in a plan t shirt and pants most of the time 🙂

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