Once the idea of the calendar had been planted into my head I could not stop thinking about it and I knew I had to make it happen (read below in the thank you section on how it came about)

I knew it had to promote and raise awareness for body positivity and diversity. Its such a shame these days that women are not happy in their own skin. There is constant advertising on how to get the ‘perfect’ body, perfect social media images and over edited photos and as women we start to pick our selves apart as we are not the ‘perfect’ size or we dont have the perfect skin etc. I have also noticed over the years women get shamed for being to big or too small. So really you can not win!

Thank you to the amazing family and friends that helped me write the posts about the amazing women below.

January Alannah

Don Heads

Alannah is a daughter, sister, wife & mother who is always putting others needs before her own. She has battled health issues and through this found her way into benefiting her health and well being with essential oils and low-tox living.

She is fun loving and just wants to show others you can be happy in your own skin no matter what shape or size you are or what struggles you are battling. She loves to help empower others sharing her knowledge of oils and a low tox lifestyle, supporting them along their journey.

She lost her beautiful grandmother Judy to breast cancer and through this experienced what a tough journey cancer can put you through, not only for the patient but also their families.

I was lucky enough for Alannah to trust me to do a glamour portrait and boudoir experience last year it was amazing to see her gain confidence and enjoy her self. Then afterwards she had a dream we made the calendar!

February Kathryn

Kaydale Lodge is a beautiful garden located in Nietta totally worth the drive and make sure you try the caramel tart. Yummo!

Kathryn is such an amazing woman here is her story.

In 2016 she discovered a lump in her left breast. She went to have an ultrasound done and was told it was just 3 small cysts joined together. She had a feeling something was not right and was not convinced by the result but she told her self to stop being a drama queen and to stop worrying.

6 months later the breast screen bus was in town so she decided to go and get checked and was told there was no abnormality detected. A couple of months later she decided to get checked by her GP and he gave her a referral for a scan but not wanting to be hypochondriac she tucked the referral away in her handbag and got on with everyday life.

Another 4 months passed by when Kathryn decided to be checked again after some encouragement from friends and family. So she went and had the ultrasound done, the radiographer was not long out of training and wasn’t happy to make the call that it was just cysts that had joined together. so he went and got a second opinion off another doctor that doctor decided as her breast had changed shape and appearance she would need a core biopsy and fine needle aspiration of her lymph nodes to confirm a diagnosis.

When the procedure was done she was handed a card for the McGrath Breast Care nurse she tells me this was her ‘oh shit’ moment. She was told the results would take a week but two days later she got a call from her doctor saying she needed to come in straightaway. She took one of her best friends with her and was told she had stage two invasive breast cancer and so began her roller coaster ride of having breast cancer.

If you would like to read Kathryn’s full story in her words head over and read Kathryn’s full story in her words.

March Ginita

Turners Beach

Ginita is an amazing, caring, compassionate and thoughtful local GP. She has an infectious laugh and awesome sense of humor.

As a GP Ginita treats patients that are diagnosed with Breast Cancer and helps them navigate through the treatment process, she is approachable and goes above and beyond to help her patients as well as her friends and family too.

She has a passion to live life to the full and have fun with her husband randy and fur baby chewy.

April Janet

Gunns Plains

Janet is a courageous, selfless and beautiful lady who always puts family first. She has been through a breast cancer journey first hand.

When she was diagnosed all she could think about was her girls and the fear of telling them and how they would take the news. As well as her own mortality and what she was about to go through…a mastectomy.

The journey at times tested her but she is blessed to have a loving partner, family and friends which she drew strength from. She also says she had a true and caring angel beside her supporting her along the way- breast care nurse Tracey Beattie.

Janets motto is – Live life to the full making memories along the way for that is what it is all about

May Emma

Penstone Garden is an amazing private garden in Ulverstone

Emma is a beautiful and loveable young woman. She is always doing something to help others especially her friends & family and wears her heart on her sleeve.

She is no stranger to the affects and hardships of cancer, losing her beautiful mum to the disease when she was just 3 years of age and has also lost her grandmother and auntie to cancer as well. 

She has taken strength from all these experiences, a supportive upbringing with her Dad, Bevan and marriage to high school sweetheart , Danny and has accomplished a lot with one of her proudest moments becoming a doting mum to gorgeous son Noah and bonding with him on their breastfeeding journey for 24 months.

June – Melanie

Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden Burnie such a massive garden well worth the look.

Melanie is an amazing mum, wife and an all round very inspirational woman.

After chatting with one of her closest friends, and from my own personal experience we both agree that ;

She is the most kind and generous person who will literally give you the shirt off her back. She is fastidious, gets the job done and will take care of everyone, welcoming people with open arms. She is fighter for justice and what is right. Being a hard worker and full of spirit, she never fails to create a good time

Cancer touched Melanie’s life when her sister was diagnosed but thankfully her sister has now been cancer free for 5 years.

July Abbey

Dial Range – Penguin

Abbey is a truly amazing woman she is a mother, business owner and amazing friend. She helps people heal their mind, body and spirit through personalised hair and healing services.

Through her hairdressing she has worked with a lot of people with cancer and she also cared for her mum when she had breast cancer. She has such an amazing energy and is someone that you just want to be around.

Now I don’t think my words are enough to really explain how amazing she is so here is her story off her website.

Hello, name is Abbey Gear-Fisher aka the Gypsy Hair Queen. I am a vivacious gypsy spirit and a lover of all things good for the soul…..

After completing a traditional hairdressing apprenticeship on the Gold Coast nearly 20 years ago, I became disillusioned with the pretentiousness of the hair industry and the bread and butter profits it generated exploiting people’s insecurities….. I watched beautiful men and women fall apart, become unwell and unhappy trying to keep up appearances in an industry that relies on fickle fashion trends, celebrity unreality and misplaced vanity whilst preying on the vulnerable and those with low self-esteem. I decided that change was in order and I would do things differently…..and so the Soul Salon was born…..Drawing upon my experiences as a Woman, Mother, Lover, Healer, Hairdresser, Business Owner, Sister and Friend and tying the many courses and modalities I had accrued over the years together I began to share my skills more holistically and for the mutual benefit of Human Kind, Animal Kind and Mother Earth collectively. I was blessed with being taught herbal knowledge and folklore from my Hungarian Anya, (my grandmother who cut and coloured her own hair for over 50 years) and dragged me to every health food store in town and showed me what chamomile can do for blondes and what coffee is to a brunette….. Little did I know then the values of Natural Beauty she was instilling in me and how they would come back to haunt my conscience in the future when it was my turn to work my magic. My conscience forced me to find a better way of doing business that offers the reclamation of one’s ability to recognise their worth, their ability to care for themselves and the environment. To uplift and empower and build confidence and love for thyself and the Well-being that it brings. Showing each and every individual that their Beauty inside should be restored and celebrated….

August – Peta

Guide Falls – Ridgley

Peta is a strong and resilient woman, who despite having some extremely large challenges thrown at her, She still has a smile that lights up a room

In recent years Peta had been caring for her terminally ill love of her life, While also juggling being a mother of two gorgeous children

18 months after going through the absolute heartbreak of losing her husband and father of her two children, She decided it was time for her to shine once again.

The strength she has instilled into her family, even through the darkest days is such an inspiration to many, Yet she still She remains kind, strong and an inspiration to all who know her.

September – Prudence

Anahita Farmden located at North Motton such an amazing place and the Prudence and Onno are the nicest people you will ever meet. Their honey is the best too!

I have changed the way I do these blog posts. They are now more of a question and answer. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Who am I? Greetings everyone! My name is Prudence Holling (most people call me Prue though). I live on a paradisiacal Farmden called ‘Anahita Farmden’ in North Motton with my incredibly resourceful and wonderful husband Onno and my 2 energetic sons Archer (16) & Jhett (14). I work during the week for the State Library of Tasmania, Devonport & Ulverstone which I absolutely adore as I love books and I love people so it’s a perfect match for me! In my spare time we pick flowers, grow plants, fruits & vegetables and harvest magical honey that we sell through our business Anahita Farmden (some of you may know us from the market in Ulverstone). I have an abundance of hobbies and interests but my staples are generally reading, poetry, photography, gardening, floristry, bushwalking, cloud-watching and generally being awed by the natural world (that’s a full-time pursuit in itself!!)

How have you been affected by cancer/illness – I have not been directly affected myself but I have watched many friends, family members and people in the community suffer from this terrible illness. I lost a best friend to cancer at the tender age of 29 after an 8 year battle, that was and continues to be, so devastating. I still miss her every day.

What is your passion or what is important to you? I have many passions! I am passionate about transparency and honesty, I am passionate about ageing gratefully (ageing is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone) – I feel sad when people and particularly women feel less of a person because of the ageing process. I am passionate about the natural world, I am passionate about the arts and particularly poetry – I believe that poetry is such an important way to communicate ideas, feelings, information etc. Poetry is the basis of music, most people forget that! So, when you are singing along to your favourite song, you are basically reciting poetry! I am also extremely passionate about organic agriculture but I won’t go into that rant!!

Your motto or favourite quote. I have many favourite quotes – most of them are taped to the wall in the toilet! If I could pick a favourite I would choose one from a poet called ‘Rumi’. “Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment” – I love this because it reminds us to always leave some room in our hearts (and lives) for the unimaginable. Life is mysterious and that’s a good thing!

October – Shea

Introducing Octobers amazing lady Shea here is a little bit about her and her story:

I am born and bred in little old Devonport. I’m lucky enough to live around the corner from my dear Mum and Dad. I have two amazing children Olivia almost 21 and Luke almost 18. I am super proud off both of them and love seeing them smashing their life goals. Olivia soon to graduate Batchelor or Nursing and Luke is loving his plastering apprenticeship.

I am very happy to have a wonderful loving and supportive partner in Andrew. My family mean the world to me and together we have faced some pretty tough battles the last few years.

I am a registered nurse and work in the emergency department at the NWRH and Mersey oncology. I love helping other people, even if its a smile to make their day a little brighter.

Being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2018 and since finding out through genetic testing that I have BRCA 1 gene has been life changing. After a year from hell with 6 months of chemo and multiple surgeries I am back to being fit and well and enjoying life again. Having a cancer diagnosis has taught me to just enjoy life and the simple things. I have learnt to celebrate birthdays as they are a privilege that is denied to many.

I loved being a part of you calendar and the quote I chose is very fitting as my body now carries many scars and will never be the same, but they are a reminder that I am alive and have been given a second chance.

Thank you for raising money for such a worthy cause as having the support of a breast care nurse helped me immensely xxxxx – Shea

It was our absolute pleasure to put the calendar together and help raise such much need money for the amazing breast care nurse – Tegan M & Tegan H

November Debbie

Introducing my mum Debbie she is November’s amazing calendar woman. I can not believe how quick this month has gone just snuck in the blog post on the last day!

A bit about my Mum well she’s the best mum ever (but I may be a little biased). She is always there to help me without me even needing to ask she has always supported me in life and with all things I have done.

She is one of my amazing helpers of this calendar. She has listened to my many many ideas, scouted locations with me, helped with fundraising, ran around and dropped things off for me, picked things up just all around helped so much.

My mum has suffered many losses in life not all to cancer but still very painful. She lost both parents when she was a teenager, she lost her grandmother who she was very close to and adored who had been suffering with breast cancer for many years also when she was a teenager. She lost a daughter at age 1 in a car accident – which she suffered two breaks in her left leg, broken ankle in the right leg, a broken left wrist, and hand fracture in the right wrist and had to learn to walk again, She lost her Auntie and Uncle who we were very close to they were like a second mum and dad due to loosing hers so young. She then lost her life long best friend 4 years ago to breast cancer.

Despite such heart breaking loss’s and challenges right though her life she is such an inspirational and strong woman who is always helping others, always helping me with my many projects, ideas, with our house, looking after our fubabies and just being such a loving supportive and amazing Mum.

Love ya mum xxxx

Table Cape Tulip Farm is located at Table Cape and is a must see it is so pretty there make sure you go in October.

December Group

Mount Gnoman Farm such a cool place and amazing people. A must see and epic venue for events and photos!

Thank you

I would like to thank the massive amount of people that helped me make this Calendar happen.

First of all Thank you to Alannah for sharing with me the dream you had (that we made an inspirational women’s calendar) without you sharing this with me I wouldn’t have started this project. You certainly planted the seed and I could not help but make it happen.

Thank you to my team Alannah, Debbie, Ashlee, Abbey, Melanie and Oliva for listening to me constantly talking about the calendar, for letting me bounce ideas off you, for helping with prizes for prize pool, selling tickets, organising venue’s and generally running around for me.

Thank you to all the people and business’s who without hesitation and in record time donated prizes for the prize pool. Without each of you this would not be possible. Go support and check out these amazing business’s

Thank you Darlene Jacques, Shea Williams, Abbey Gear-Fisher at Soul Salon, Prudence from Anahita Farmden, Sarah at Serenity with Sarah, Karen Flood Home Travel with Karen Flood, Ashlee Griffin Norwex Independant Sales Consultant, Olivia Dobson-Nener at Onsk Designs, Alannah Randall Oil Essentials with Alannah, Kim Smith Urban wall, Jan Harper at Jan’s Discount Fabrics, Roz & Mark at Barnyard Vet, Jemma Wheatley at the Nutured Life with Jemma Whaetley, Ilka at Seachange Massage & Alternative Therapies, Railway Supermarket, Amy & Co, Vanessa at Brown Bear Eatery,

Thank you to Tegan from How Kreative for generously donating your time to design the calendar and also organising the printing. I really appreciate your time and effort and I could not have pulled this off without you.

Thank you to my husband who proof read the calendar and came up with some amazing ideas such as monthly breast check on the first day of the month and also to mention October as pink month. I was to blinded by its prettiness and blown away that it has actually come together to proof read.

Thank you to Impress print for printing the calendar and getting it back to us so quickly it looks amazing!

Thank you to the women that trusted me with my vision and let me capture their photos and feature them in the calendar. I really appreciate you!

Thank you to the amazing people that offered to let me use their properties do photo shoots. You will notice the locations on each month.

Thank you to all of the amazing and generous people that brought tickets in the prize pool and donated generous amount of money. We raised enough money to print 500 calendars which blew me away. We even had enough to buy some merchandise to sell at the launch. Thank you so much!

Thank you to all the people that helped me with the launch from setting up, to cooking, cleaning up and running around for me. I really appreciate your help and all the yummy food! 🙂 Thank you to Shea and Kathryn for speaking about your cancer journey and the Mcgrath Foundation I really appreciate you both.

Thank you to Kassia from Dizzy’s Cakes for being amazingly generous and donating the cupcakes for our launch. I really appreciate it.

Thank you to the McGrath Foundation for being so excited about my vision and also coming on board and helping with ideas for the launch and fundraising.

My last thank you is too all the business’s that sold the calendar. Without you I would never be able to come close to selling anywhere near the ambitious 500 calendar target I set myself!

IGA – Queenstown
Maggie’s Cards and Gifts – Burnie
NWRH Oncology Department – Burnie
Soul Salon – Penguin
Seachange Massage – Ulverstone
Small Change Fashion – Ulverstone
Railway IGA – Ulverstone
Spreyton Bakery – Spreyton
Oncology Department – Mersey Hospital
Century 21 Banks Property Group – Devonport
Poppie & Millie – Devonport
Flesh Therapy – Devonport
Mary’s Skin Care – Launceston

I absolutely can not thank you all enough I will be forever grateful.

Tegan xxx